8 Best Beach Paddle Ball in 2019 Reviewed

Paddle ball, and sometimes called Kadima, is a simple game in concept: don’t let the ball touch the ground.

And that simplicity is why it has become the ultimate beach game. It’s a little like ping pong, except there isn’t a table, a court, or a net.

Beach Paddle Ball Game

The only thing you have is your paddle, your opponent’s paddle, and the unpredictable bouncing ball.

Not so many beach games can be played in any place like the Paddle ball, you can virtually play this game in any environment you want to play in. It can also be a great exercise without feeling like that you are doing one.

So if you’re looking for your next paddle or your first one if you’re a starter, then here is a collection of the best beach paddle ball that you should consider checking them out.

Best Beach Paddle Ball


Back in the 90s, when someone says the word “paddle ball”, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind would definitely be the smashball. The Pacific Sport was one of the best manufacturers when it comes to beach paddle balls and beach toys in general. Sadly, in recent years, as the popularity of this sport declined, the smashball repetition also declined rapidly, and along with that drop, products that Pacific Sport were making also wasn’t the same quality as it they use to.

This paddle sets were made from real wood that made the process of playing much easier, the paddle also come along with 1 plastic ball which what most people would consider is not enough. 

Furthermore, unlike other paddle balls manufacturers, the Smashball paddles doesn’t include in its equipment set a bag so you can carry it with you to wherever you go. For some people, that’s a minor issue as they can just tuck it inside any carry bag.

Smashball paddles provide what it seems to be like a full workout, as it’s an easy game to play and quick to learn if you haven’t played this game before and they are the perfect way for beginners to start learning this sport.

One of the things that can be improved in the Pacific Smashball set is that it comes with a plastic ball which makes it very hard to bounce the ball while playing with your opponent. To get around that, consider purchase a pack of rubber balls as they are much jumpy and more durable than the plastic ones.

The other downside of this racquet set is that it isn’t waterproofed. Meaning, it will be very vulnerable to any kind of liquid splashes or when you’re playing at the seaside. To most people that wouldn’t make any sense for a beach toy, but apparently that what a person will get for a low priced paddle like the Smashball.

Smashball paddles certainly aren’t the best beach paddle ball 2019 out there, but for a paddle set in this price range, it definitely comes near the top of the list. And since these paddles are extremely cheap, you can take more than one pack to play with your friends, it’ll definitely be way more fun.

2. Goodminton Paddles

Next on the list is the Goodminton, which is promoted as the easiest paddles for beginners and kids to play with for its lightweight and ease in handling. This set comes with two rackets that have been made from plywood and a handle that is covered with a rubber slipcover for better handling.

Hence, it also includes 4 feather shuttlecocks that split into two different types, fast and slow. Two of the balls are slower than the others which are a little bit faster. But sometime you may feel that they both fly at the same speed.

This video will describe some of the features for the Goodminton paddles and also what’s included with the set.

Goodminton is one of the recognizable manufacturers in the paddle ball industry, and their sales record on Amazon is proof of their excellence. So if you ever decided to get your hands on this toy, then you’re for sure having the top of the cream.

One of the features that the Goodminton paddle has is the rubber slip that covers the handle area. It will allow for more control when hitting the shuttlecocks and also makes it more comfortable to hold in your hand. 

Unfortunately, because this cover has been slipped over the handle area, they sometimes might slide off from where they are supposed to be. Which means that you must slide it back again to its place every time it slides off, and that could be kind of annoying for some players. The short length of the handle area could also be a problem for some people who have bigger hands, therefore, handling would be a bit less comfortable for them.

The Goodminton is also provided with a bag that is big enough to hold the two paddle balls and the four balls, so it would be easier for you to take them with you wherever you go. 

When it comes to performance than the Goodminton feather balls, unfortunately, will get affected very easily when they get wet. Which means that when the birdies travel through the air they might be slower than they usually do. So, it’s probably not a wise idea to play next to a swimming pool or on a beach next to the sea. But if you feel some courage in you and want to go and play next to a pool or in waterfront, be careful not to get them wet, especially the feathers. 

Overall, the Goodminton beach paddle balls are definitely a great budget choice as they are durable and sturdy, and have been made from very good materials. These could be the perfect game for kids to play outside and let go of the electronics for a while.


Made from a sturdy wood, the Speedminton has made its way to our top 8 list for its unique design and functionality. These paddles come along with two rubber balls and a third one that has feathers on the top.  As all of us know, playing a racket game with a rubber ball is much better than a plastic one.

So the Speedminton were kind enough and they have provided it with not only one, but two rubber balls that come standard when purchasing their paddles.

Part of their unique design, the Speedminton paddles has a small holes in the surface of the racquet, this will allow the air to go through the paddles. consequently, this will make your swing much faster and easier. Moreover, the rubber balls that are included is another unique thing about the Speedminton. 

As they supposed to be, these balls are super lightweight and capable of flying high in the air without making a lot of effort when hitting the ball. If you ever owned the badminton shuttlecock you will notice that those birdies are quite different in terms of the materials and the weight of the birdies.

Thus, for the durability the Speedminton has, it would be a great choice to be taken on beach trips or even camping trips with kids and friends so they can have some activity during the trip.

Durable wood paddles
Multiple high-quality balls
Smart design for a perfect swing
Price doesn’t match the value you get


Jazzminton is one of the newest companies in the paddle ball industry. Their 3 in 1 beach paddle ball set includes two paddles, each one is in a different color and it also includes a large set of equipment, among the 8 balls and a carry bag. Every two balls of these six birdies work in a different way.

First, are the short feather birdies which are the slowest of them all, this type is perfect for indoor sports areas and for kids age 8 – 12.

The second kind of birdies are the fast type, those come with long feathers which makes them fly in the air with more speed than the others. The perfect place for this kind of balls is an outdoor environment and as they’re more suitable especially adults to play with.

Lastly, the LED feather birdies. These are mostly used at night, and the cool thing about them is that they turn On and Off automatically. They turn On right after you hit them with the paddles, and they turn off after a few seconds (about 20 sec) when finished playing with them. These feather birdies are very bright in dark places so it’s very easy for the players to see them clearly and never miss a hit.

One of the many advantages of the Jazzminton is that it’s water resistant. So unlike the smashball, you won’t have to worry about anything while playing next to the seaside or the pool as it will not get affected by any liquid. Jazzminton paddles are also provided with a durable case that is big enough to hold both paddles and all eight balls at the same time to be carried anywhere, anytime.

On the downsides, you may experience some of the paint on the paddles falling off after a few times of usage, but it only happens when you’re being rough while playing with these paddles. The other matter is the LED birdies, in some occasions the LED light turns off while you’re playing with it and while you are in the middle of a game it suddenly disappears. Especially if the place you’re in is a dark location. But luckily that only happens on rare occasions.


One of the few companies that produce a handcrafted paddle from natural wood is the Hammer Crown. What’s astonishing about the Hammer Crown is that the rackets are made from nine different types of wooden materials, and they have mentioned in their product description some of these types. Virtually all of them are types of wood most people never even heard of them.

This amazing paddle set is 16.5“ long and 7.7“ wide, which indicate that no matter how difficult the ball you’re receiving, you will never miss hitting it. The large size of the paddles makes playing with it much easier and opposed to what people think of big paddles. For a nine type wood paddle, The Hammer Crown paddle is very light in weight, which makes it very easy to play with your kids and friends, and if you’re living next to a beach, it would be even better.

Some of the things that the Hammer Crown set also includes is a high-quality ball that has been made from rubber which is the best thing you can get for a paddle ball game. While playing with this ball you will notice that it’s so bouncy and that made the game a lot faster and more challenging for both players.

It also includes a high-quality bag that has been made from canvas, which is extremely durable plain-woven fabric, and from touching it you can sense that it’s superior quality bag that has been put in the effort to make.

When it comes to the handles on the Hammer Crown, then they are long and wrapped with something called NEOPRENE, this will make them very comfortable in the hand while playing your favorite sport. Each paddle handle comes in a different color than the other, one is Black and the other is Blue.

One of the many benefits that the Hammer Crown paddles have, is that they are water and sand resistant, which is a big relief for someone looking to play in areas such as the beach. This will give you the freedom to play without having to worry about any water splashes.

Overall, The quality you are going to get from the Hammer Crown paddles absolutely justify the amount of money that these paddles costs. These paddles are like an investment, something that will last for many years and it’s worth every penny.


One of the great paddles in the market and our list is the Vero Frescobol paddle set. This gorgeous looking and highly underrated paddle arrive with two paddles, one ball, and one beach bag.

These Miami made racquets are 17.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide and they have a solid handle that is comfortable and easy to grab in the hand for all hand sizes. The ball on the other side is made from good rubber quality, and for high visibility purposes in outdoor areas, they come in two colors: Orange and Red.

Having a wide surface paddle surface like the Vero Frescobol paddle as opposed to most racquets in our list, it’ll make the process of sending and receiving the ball much smoother and faster. Therefore, your beach experience with these paddles will be way better, and likewise, the quality of the paddle will never disappoint you.

If you could find a downside to the Vero Frescobol it would probably be that rubber ball which on rare occasions will split in half. Some buyers have experienced this problem, but that only happens when someone is being too rough with the ball. So it will not cause any problems if played at a normal pace.

Overall, the Vero Frescobol is a top-notch paddle which handles all kind of environments and conditions, and they are sturdy enough to be played within the backyard, the beach and even on camping sites.


Like almost all racquets on this list, the Pro Kadima is what everyone should bring on a beach trip. No nets or any extra accessories are needed to start playing with these paddles. What if you don’t want to head to the beach? Well, you can invent your own paddle ball games, e.x bouncing the ball off the wall.

Now let’s get into the details of the Pro Kadima.

The Kadima come standard with two paddles, one rubber and three extra plastic balls that aren’t that great. These plastic balls probably will not last long and you should get yourself a better set in the future which is a little bit more high quality. 

The Pro Kadima paddles are water-resistant, and the rubber ball does also float on water. Which means that you can play on the seashore or even inside the ocean without having to worry about the ball drowning to the bottom of the ocean.

When it comes to the rackets themselves, they are made from a thick wood and finished with a plastic cover that surrounds the handle area, which will insure easy playing much easier and make the racquets feel a lot more sturdy.

When buying the Pro Kadima, don’t expect something that is cream of the crop, but rather something that is in mid-range in terms of quality and a product that is targeted for more younger kids and adults. If you are looking for something that is high in quality then you may consider getting the Vero Frescobol.


The striped paddle set is deemed to be one of the beautiful looking paddles you can find. This white and blue striped paddles, as the name suggest, are 15“ long, constructed from real wood, with a nice red rubber ball that bounces very well. The equipment also includes a carry bag so you can take the paddles around.

Playing with the striped paddle is extremely easy, hence, the grip and the comfort you get from the handle make it extremely handy while hitting the ball. One of the things that you might find annoying is that the rubber handles slides off from where they are supposed to be on the handle, and that’s something that can turn some people off from this paddle set.

Comfortable during the game
Good-looking design
Handles are not fixed


Will there you go, these were eight of the best beach paddle ball 2019 you can find right now on the market. We tried to be very strict in pointing all the advantages and the disadvantages of each paddle ball, and these were the results we came up with to help you get a clear picture of what’s out there before purchasing any of them.

Comment below and tell us what is your favorite Paddle ball !!

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