10 Best Coolers on Wheels in 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Imagine this, it’s summer, and it’s nice and sunny outside, and you’re sitting at your house feeling bored. Then you think, “why not go on a picnic today!!”.

So, you start calling the kids and prepare all the supplementary you need for this trip, food, soda cans, and beverages.

Best Coolers On Wheels

And then you grab your cooler and start filling it all the way to the top, but, once you try to pick it up and take it to your car, it doesn’t move!! You try to lift it up again and nothing happens. It’s too HEAVY.

You then ask someone else for some help and with unbalanced steps, you finally place it in the car. Eventually, you arrive at your destination, pull up in your favorite location and suddenly the kids are jumping out of the car.

Then, you start walking towards the back of the car while yelling ‘don’t go too far kids!!’, you then open the trunk to take out your things, and once again, you’re faced with that large, bulky cooler. After a lot of effort, you manage to take it out and set everything up, but once you open the cooler, and surprise surprise!!!

You’re greeted with all the melted ice and the warm soda cans from that toasty sunlight. Your cooler didn’t hold the ice solid for even one car trip.

Now, how the previous (imaginary scenario) could be avoided so you can always have the perfect picnic trip? Exactly, by picking up a wheeled cooler that not only rolls easily to your car, but also keep all your food and beverages chilly for not only hours but for days. Yes, you heard it right, DAYS.

Picking the right cooler from all those brands that fit your needs isn’t a simple task to do, so to make your job easier we’ve compiled a list of the best coolers on wheels 2019 along with a buying guide. Hence, there’s a cooler for everyone on this list, so check out the pros and cons for each one and then choose the one that suits you best.

Best Coolers on Wheels 2019

1. Picnic at Ascot

On top of this list is the lightweight Picnic at Ascot that comes fully equipped with items that everyone needs on an outdoor picnic, items such as plates, wine glasses, napkins, and more. These equipment provided along with the Ascot are suitable for no more than four people, which requires you to take your own plates and glasses in case of a larger number of people.

In addition, one of the major qualities of this cooler is the incredible lightweight that it has, which is a great deal for anyone who’s looking to go on field trips and take a large amount of meals and drinks, and the Picnic Ascot give you that peace of mind.

Further, when it comes to design then this cooler is unique in its styling from other wheeled coolers. First, is the isolated environment that the cooler has from the inside, which creates a complete sealing to prevent any type of leaks and spills.

Next, we come to the interior part of this cooler, which is designed with separate departments that will keep some distance between items like food and beverages, or icy items and fresh items from each other. That way you don’t need to worry about whether your food is going to get smashed by beer cans. Talking about beer cans leads us to the genius design of the Picnic Ascot that allows you to have access to the bottles without opening the entire cooler, and that is from a small hole on the top.

One last benefit that this wheeled cooler has is that its wheels are easily detachable. Meaning, you will have the choice on how to carry this cooler, whether it’s by carrying it in your hand (like a briefcase) or on your back like a backpack. Too, this cooler has its own adjustable straps that adjust for weight balance and easy carry-on, and it’s probably the easiest way to carry the cooler in case the wheels are not accessible.

Finally, if you are looking for a portable cooler that holds a large amount of items than it may seem it does, while at the same time remain light in weight and ideal to be carried on car or boat trips, then the Picnic at Ascot might be like this list your Number one option.

2. Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler

Next up, is one of the toughest coolers in our list. According to countless happy customers, saying that this beast could be the best coolers on wheels that has been ever built. This extra-large cooler offers numerous features that makes it extremely unique and one of the most durable coolers in the market.

From an owner perspective, Pelican has faced all kinds of environments and its two large wheels are equipped to face all kinds of ground surface. Moreover, carrying the Pelican couldn’t be easier for its clever design of the molded grip that keeps some space between the cooler and your heels, so they won’t accidentally bump into you. This is something many coolers lack because of their short handles.

Pelicans’ large wheels also help to keep it still without any movement, which is a tremendous benefit especially when the icebox is in a moving boat or a car. And that also keep the items stored inside the cooler safely.

Moving on, the inside of the Pelican is extremely spacious and can easily accommodate a pack of thirty cans in one time, which as a result saves lots of time in filling the cooler every time it gets empty. Ice retention as the Pelican manufacturers say, is up to 10 days of non-melted ice. Further, several experiments have been made to see who much time it takes for the ice to melt in a Pelican cooler.

These tests have shown that 6 pounds of ice can remain solid inside of this cooler for an average time of one week. So, you can definitely hold the Pelican accountable for a week-long trip with an occasional opening for the cooler.

You might ask if this cooler sturdy, you bit it is. The mighty Pelican is top-notch in terms of quality and toughness, and stuff like leaks aren’t in the Pelican dictionary. Moreover, plastic or aluminum hinges in other cooler brands are replaced in this cooler with stainless steel trolley handles that are very well thought out of and well do a great job to make it easy to pull the cooler.

The only downside that could be found in this marvelous cooler is the weight it has even when the cooler is empty, and the 45 QT model weighs more than 37 pounds. Apparently, this is the price that anyone who wants a heavy-duty cooler like this one has to pay to gain all the benefits that this lifetime cooler has to provide.

3. Igloo Island Breeze

One of the budget-friendly coolers in our list is the Igloo Island Breeze which has a lot to offer when looking at the low price of this cooler when compared to other coolers on this list. Starting off from the grip on the Island Breeze which is lifted upwards by a push of a button and collapses to the back side of the cooler. This handle can be lifted to different levels of heights, but for some people, the hand grip could use some stretch and become a little bit longer.

Though the Igloo Island has two handles in total, one is to grab and push the cooler on its wheels and the other is a grip handle on the side. Some of the issues that the side grip has is the lack of sturdiness and the tendency to break when the cooler is fully laden, and feeling occurs when it’s being lifted from the ground. The other downside is the absence of depth in the handle that resulted in becoming less comfortable to the holders’ fingers.

Next, we move on to the rolling wheels on the Breeze which are composed of durable plastic that rolls comfortably on almost any kind of surface, and that opens countless possible areas that someone who has the Igloo Breeze can travel to.

Nevertheless, the only constraint on these wheels is rolling on sandy areas that make these wheels job much harder, since the trundles are narrow and small and that will cause the wheeled icebox to be dragged in areas like the beach.

On the other hand, the inside of the Island Breeze is a spacious area where you can store easily items for four people trip loaded with food and beverages.

Ice retention will keep items frozen inside the Igloo for about a day, which makes it perfect for most people leisure recreations that don’t last for more than that, and also for who need a safe and secure storage for their supplements.

Unfortunately, the Igloo Breeze doesn’t contain any draining holes to spill out the melted ice from inside of the cooler.

4. Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler

The following cooler is one of the superior Colemans on this review that is robust and solid as the other ones. Like the Igloo Fusion and the Columbia Crater, the design of the Soft Coleman external part is smooth and soft-sided, while its hard from the inside.

The exterior of this cooler has three useful pockets in three different places. The location of the first pocket is in front and it’s a medium size that can hold moderate items such as a towel for example.

Two other mesh pockets are on the side of the cooler that do help for small things like sunscreens. On the top, we have some bungee robes that in my opinion needs to be strengthening more, since they can get floppy very quickly.

Moving on, the bottom of the Coleman has, of course, two rear wheels with a long grip handle that extend to 37 inches, and next to the wheels you can find 2 small feet that unfortunately don’t support the cooler as much as they supposed to. When the cooler is full, those front feet don’t appear to function well in terms of keeping the cooler standing, which can be a hassle especially if you’re in wet areas.

The most important area for most of us would be the inside of the cooler, and that is one of the strongest advantages of the soft Coleman, and that’s for the lightweight liner that the interior is built from.

The heat-welding technology is what keeps this soft-sided icebox from having any leaks, and it’s also optimized with two built-in slot handles that make the process of getting it in and out incredibly easy.

Also, it makes the cleaning prosses of the inside of the cooler much more efficient.

5. Igloo Ice Cube Roller

Another Igloo cooler on our list of the best coolers on wheels is the 70 Quart Ice Cube. For a start, the Ice Cube comes with special parts that cause it to be more recognizable among other Igloo wheeled coolers. One of these elements is the two cup holders that are molded on top of the led, consequently, that means that this icebox is not for what the masses think of a cooler, which is the ability to be sat on for a quick rest.

This is a fantastic benefit if you are sitting down and drinking a can of soda or a bottle of water, so you can just place your bottle inside this holder rather than on the ground. Further, the Ice Cube is decently constructed and has been produced from a polyolefin substance and with two molded side grip, one on each side.

In terms of capacity, then this cooler is able to hold 30 of the medium size cans, and that is a huge number for a cooler with this moderate size. The wheels on the Igloo Ice Cube are well spaced and has been from high-quality materials and keep an appropriate distance between the cooler and the ground.

Furthermore, because of the deep insulated foam lid that have been used in this cooler, ice retention time in the Ice Cube is much longer than most wheeled coolers, and that period could range from 4 to 5 days of brisk items depending on other factors too.

The only shortcoming that could be noticed is the fact that its wheels are somewhat loud when the cooler is being rolled on the solid ground and they only work well on flat surfaces like a sidewalk.

6. Coleman Xtreme

Another great cooler on our list is the Coleman Xtreme which has some unique elements that qualified it to be in this review. The Xtreme is one of the few best coolers on wheels that has four cup holders that have been molded on top of the lid, which is a major benefit especially for bigger groups going to the beach or a camping trip.

Further, the exterior part of the Xtreme comes in a boxy shape and it’s entirely made from plastic, which for some people immediately throws some red flags.

And that can be totally justified for the reason that the actual body of the cooler may ding from any kind of hitting especially in an outdoor environment.

One decently made part in the Xtreme is the draining plug that is in the back side of the cooler, however, this plug is built in a slightly high position that will prevent all the containment of the cooler to be drained out easily. It may not be visible from the pictures, but the Coleman Xtreme is a large and hefty cooler with wheels with handles.

So, what does a large and heavy needs the most? Exactly, a badass wheels, and that’s what the Xtreme precisely has. Its wheels are custom-made to do all kind of heavy-duty work, and it’s stable and easy to transport in all sorts of territories that you want to take this cooler to, whether it’s on grass, sand, or wet areas. 

Hence, the only issue with these wheels is that the handles sometimes twist to the side when the cooler is filled with items. This situation can be avoided by pulling the cooler in a straight line or by not using the full capacity of the interior.

When it comes to the interior, the Coleman has a strong lock for the lid with a tremendous capacity inside which can hold to up to 84 cans, while also retain solid ice for three days straight in non-extreme heat.

7. Columbia Crater Peak

Columbia coolers have their own new technology called the ‘super foam’. The way this technology works is essentially by making the interior of the cooler totally isolated which will eliminate all sorts of leaks, and by butting radiant barriers on the insides.

Furthermore, one other excellent thing about this cooler is the collapsing feature which will allow you to separate the cooler from the wheel frame.

This will give anyone cleaning this cooler more freedom or by making the storing area more efficient through making the Columbia Crater much smaller than the original size. Also, the outside large pockets and the easy access hole on top of the Columbia Crater are just some of the many fabulous things this cooler has.

Moving on, padded side grip is a unique benefit in the Crater that will give comfort for the person holding from the sides, and especially when it’s overloaded. That being said, the collapsing handle is easily accessible and can reach to 40” inch in height, while the wheels on the Columbia are reasonably sturdy plastic wheels that can roll easily in any region and mainly the beach.

The only point you should be concerned by when it comes to plastic is the lack of stability when the icebox is full, and in some occasions, they will get permanently damaged.

Lastly, the inside part of this smart cooler is absolutely massive and it’s able to fit (without any ice) about 40 cans of soda, and 80 pounds in weight.

One intriguing part is that the interior foam doesn’t run all the way to the bottom of the cooler, which creates this unnecessary soft bottom that may result for the melted ice to drip out of the cooler.

8. Igloo Cool Fusion

So, on to the third cooler from Igloo on this list which can be simply called: the perfect day trip cooler. From the outside, the Cool Fusion has multiple factors that have distinguished it from other coolers.

Among those elements are the small pockets on both sides of the cooler that can hold multiple stuff like sunscreens, and the bungee cords that is located on top of the lid is capable of holding a big size towel for your beach day trip with no trouble.

Furthermore, another distinguishing factor is that the Cool Fusion is soft from outside and solid from the inside, and that’s probably the reason that kept Igloo from not installing a drainage plug on this particular cooler. As a result, that will give the owner some hardships when it comes to discharging any melted ice or while cleaning up the interior of the cooler. 

Besides, the wheels which are the most important parts in any wheeled cooler are extremely rugged and roll very comfortably. The majority of this comes from those rubber wheels who help the cooler to be pulled easily even when the Fusion is fully loaded.

In contrast, the only downside to these rubber wheels is the difficulties they face when they are being pulled on sandy surfaces like on the beach.

Lastly, the inside of the Igloo Fusion has 25% more foam than the previous versions, and based on tests done on this cooler it will have the maximum amount of insulation against any leaks. With dimensions of 13” wide and 9” deep, this cooler will not have any issues holding at least 36 cans and two bottles of wine.

9. Coleman Rugged

Coleman coolers are dominating our list and this time with the Rugged cooler. Right out of the bat, this unique looking and extra-large cooler has a built-in swinging grip on both sides of the cooler, and if you have some experience in coolers, you know that this is much preferable than a molded hand grip which requires a certain hand size for it to be comfortable using it.

Similarly, like the Coleman Xtreme, the Rugged cooler has four useful cup holders. You might think this cooler look great with the black top lid, but at the same time it attracts heat when it’s lifted for long period under the sun, and as a result, it will affect the fresh food and cold drinks.

Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages of the Rugged cooler is the giant wheels that can overcome any obstacle and any rough areas that it could face during trips.

Moving on, the biggest issue that can be seen in the Colman Rugged is the draining plug which is positioned between the wheels of the cooler, and that will result for the plug to get caught with anything sharp on the ground. Ultimately, after a few times of beating, eventually the plug will get removed and it will be lost.

Coleman maximized the volume inside this cooler by having the rolling wheels and located on the sides, and that resulted in a capacity of 84 cans and a longer time of ice retention. But when the Coleman Rugged is being compared it to a Yeti, the Yeti wins when ice retention is the subject of the conversation.

10. BESTEK Electric Cooler

This cooler is the only electric cooler on our list, and a lot of its features function more like a mini refrigerator. It has two different modes to choose from, warm and Cold, and it powers from 12v Ds power source, and you can supply that power by connecting to a car cigarette lighter.

The first advantage is that your car doesn’t have to be turned on for the Bestek to work and that’s mainly because of the large adapter that gives the power that this cooler needs.

 This cooler is capable of powering other electrical gadgets that you may have, such as a tire inflator or a charger. The massive capacity is one of the strongest of this cooler, as the Bestek has a massive storage for your food and drinks. It can hold up to 30 Quarts.

It’s recommended that you make sure first that the items you want to charge or power using the Bestek can be delivered can produce enough amount of power that this device needs.

List of Features You Should Look for in a Wheeled Cooler

Ice Retention

Probably the most important feature when it comes to wheeled coolers since the bulk amount of the owners of this kind of coolers are outgoing and love spending a major part of their time out in nature.

They also want for their supplies to be in a perfect temperature and for them to consume it at any time. Therefore, when you’re on the market looking for your first cooler, always look for the cooler that its interior has thick insulation and a high-quality liner that has the capability of retaining the ice for a long period of time.

Upon doing this, you will save much money and effort, money by not stopping every now and then to buy some ice from the supermarket, and effort by not having to fill it each time the ice melts.

Also, try looking at your activity pattern and where the majority of your activities were. Are greater part of your trips are in sunny places like the beach, or is it in places where there is shade.

Depending on that information, choose the best coolers on Wheels that suits your needs and make the hassle of picking the perfect cooler much easier.


One of the elements to consider when shopping for a new cooler is that the capacity must align with your necessities. So, depending on what the cooler is for and what are the items that will be thrown inside, you can find the right one for you.

Materials used inside the cooler is something to consider too, the more sturdy and tough it is the better it would be. If the outdoor activities you usually make don’t take a long period of time, then picking a cooler from the smaller size would be the way to go.

However, if most of your trips are multi-trips and the number of individuals is a large number of people, then a bigger cooler (55 Quart and above) would be a wise choice for you.


Durability plays a major rule in every cooler, and it’s the first factor everyone should always look for. Coolers that were built from polyurethane are the best when it comes to keeping the inside fresh and cold. Therefore, try looking at the cooler’s details and features looking for this kind of reliable insulation, that will compose the cooler to last long and for several years to come.

The exterior is usually the most vulnerable part in every cooler, as it is exposed to all kinds of hitting and accidents. The sturdier the cooler is, the more it likely to last long. The majority of the best coolers on wheels 2019 are fine when it comes to toughness and can handle all the conditions that could go through.

To conclude, coolers last depending on the type of usage someone is using them for, so the more you use your cooler wisely, the extra time it will serve you.


When we talk about mobility and what we mean by that is how easy is it to take the cooler from point A to B. To find the cooler that suits your cooling needs, always look for lightweight and the storage area you are going to put it in.

Meaning if you’re doing all your trips and activities via a car, then a great first step is to know the dimensions of your car and how much it can hold in it. The same thing also applies to boats and other kinds of transportation.

Moreover, the most important factor to me is how easy is it going to be for me to move when it’s fully laden, so if you are a skinny guy like me than a medium size cooler will do just fine.

Because what’s the point of buying something and fill it with all your food and drinks, but then you come to find out that you can’t move it even one bit. That doesn’t seem like an excellent plan to me.


Cleaning a wheeled cooler should be an easy task to do, but sometimes manufacturers produce coolers that cause difficulty while cleaning.

So, you should consider how easy it is to clean the inside and the outside of the cooler, and one way to find that out for yourself is by researching for the coolers that its seller mentions in the description that the cooler is easy to be clean and drained.

The best soft coolers are always much easier to clean than hard sided coolers. Soft coolers allow you to strip the outer part to wash using the washing machine, but that will make the cooler face the danger of being damaged. The easiest way to clean your hard cooler is by using a cloth and wiping both the inside and the outside.


Knowing your budget is on top of the to-do list when researching for a cooler because there are tons of brands and types and each one has their own size, and features, and that could be very overwhelming.

When you know your budget, you narrow your options on a specific type or size of coolers, that way you can choose in ease. After that, conduct your research on the price range that you specified and compare between the one you find fits all your need.

The description area of every wheeled cooler is an excellent place to start and where you can find out whether the cooler has a warranty that covers any damage.

In the end, even if the cooler you have chosen is on the high-end, then you should look at it as an investment, something that will last for a lifetime and you’re going to make a good use of it. If you choose a cooler depending on your needs, know what the price is, then lash on to it and you will be fine.


Now that you know what kind of the best coolers on wheels 2019 that are out there, you need to figure out what your needs are and how much are you willing to spend. If you need a cooler for a small family that would only be used for picnic trips, then the Picnic at Ascot would do an excellent job. And if you need a cooler that can take beaten and roll off-road in ease, then both the Pelican and Coleman Rugged are outstanding for this kind of terrains and environments.

Tell us bellow about your favorite cooler and did you like about it.

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