10 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

The days of you having to stick an annoying tube in your mouth just so you can go for snorkeling, or having to rent a mask that has been used by tens and hundreds of other people before you are now stuff from the past.

Now, thanks to the full face snorkel masks, no one needs to stick a giant tube between their lips, and with this type of masks they now can even dive without having to worry about any salt water that could enter inside the mask.

full face snorkel mask

Moreover, being one of the most popular water activities that can be done in any ocean, and a sport that certainly suits everyone no matter how their age is or weather they have the skills or not. Furthermore, children age 8 to 10 and adults who are in their sixties, and even if they never tried snorkeling before it would be an extremely easy learning curve that they need to undergo.

Since snorkeling is growing at a rapid pace, so as the number of manufacturers of these masks, each one of them has its own unique features and their special capabilities.Accordingly, some of the features could be in the material that has been used to produce the mask or the accessories that can be added to the full face snorkel mask.

Here where our role comes in, we have put together some of the best full face snorkel mask on the market along with their exceptional capabilities and the points they lack so you can make a deliberate conscious decision that fits your needs and budget.


Snorkel Name Rating Price
SeeReef 4.6 / 5 $$ Check Price
DRY FREAK 4.5 / 5 $$$ Check Price
SUBEA 4.4 / 5 $$ Check Price
X-Lounger 4.4 / 5 $ Check Price
Easy Snorkel 4.3 / 5 $ Check Price
WildHorn 4.2 / 5 $$ Check Price
Greatever 4.2 / 5 $ Check Price
Ocean Reef 4.1 / 5 $$$ Check Price
HEAD 4.1 / 5 $$$ Check Price
Unknown 3.9 / 5 $ Check Price

Our best snorkel mask on this list is the SeeReef which has countless number of features that distinguish it from other full face snorkel masks. Starting off with the size of this snorkel mask, the SeeReef with its light adjustable straps which fits almost everyone whether it would be a child or a grown-up.

And after measuring the size between your eyes and chin, you can pick from the two sizes provided for this snorkel. When you use the SeeReef in water you can definitely tell the difference in your vision from other full face snorkel masks. Owing to the fact that the SeeReef was built while keeping visibility in mind, hence, the lens is flat that maintain full clarity during your snorkeling period.

If you’re using this snorkel in your pool, and due to the clearness that these lenses have, you might be amazed at how dirty the bottom of your pool looks, just saying. Inside the SeeReef is a four-valve system that ensures absolute ease while inhaling and exhaling the air underwater.

But first, the air goes through a ten inch long tube that stays on top of the water to give you all the oxygen that you need. And the best of them all, is that this tube can be separated from its place on top of the snorkel, so it would be easier for you to transport and store in your luggage.

One of the merits that made this snorkel on top of our list is the free kit you receive with it, and it contains some useful gear that will help you get the most out of your snorkeling trip. The box contains tools like earplugs and hard case bag that will protect the mask during transit.

However, the cloth that that this snorkel has among this gear kit can be harmful to the snorkel while using it to clean the ins and outs of it, especially during cleaning the lens as it may leave some scratches on the surface, and that will result to hazy vision under the sea.

Furthermore, sealing in this snorkel is a top-notch, and if you make sure that the size you picked fits your face perfectly and it’s airtight, you will never experience any issues or leaks with the SeeReef. In order for the pressure to be equal on your ears, snorkeling must only be on the surface of the water and not much deep into the ocean.

Dry Freak has always been one of the skillful producers of snorkeling masks for their use of advanced technologies and premium products that give swimmers and divers the experience they hope they will get. This year, and with their new version they have gotten even better features and came up with Tribord Subea, which unlike the last version will include a ring that will prevent the snorkel head from separating from the snorkel.

This updated version of the snorkel has some improved touches to the 180° Panoramic lens and air vents that will assure the fresh air to flow in, and at the same time block water from entering to the snorkel when the snorkel is submerged underwater. The Tribord also has a wide range of sizes that you can select from the perfect fit for yourself or your kids.

As noted earlier, Dry Freak made this snorkel with some unique features and one of them is the ability for the top tube to detach easily from the mask, that would consume much less space in your luggage or in the mesh bag provided with the full face snorkel mask. Unfortunately, although the straps of this snorkel are comfortable, however, taking it off for some fresh air can be somewhat difficult for some people, unlike other traditional snorkels that can be removed quickly and effortless.

One point to note about this snorkel is that it’s mainly designed to be used on the water surface or a few feet deep. Diving deeper than that would cause continuous fogging and water leaking in the sealed area which will make the person struggle for air. Besides that, the Tribord is still a great product from a great company and worth considering for starters in the snorkeling world.


Note that when you're swimming, if you look down much more than your normal swimming position, the snorkel can actually dip to the water surface, and the float closes immediately. That keeps the water out of the Tribord, but it also suddenly STOPS air coming in. The breathing apparatus shut down immediately upon being submerged and there is no need to clear the system upon surfacing before breathing normally again.

Next on this list, is the Subea Tribord snorkel. This mask would earn full mark when it comes to sturdiness and durability, and the overall materials used into producing this snorkel make it feel very sturdy, and even some parts were made from plastic but look robust and don’t feel cheap at all.

This full face snorkel mask is built for the purpose of serving those who want to do snorkeling as a recreational activity and in a medium pace, like viewing fishes from the ocean surface, but it is not for intensive swimming that requires a substantial amount of airflows.

Unfortunately, the Tribord has a limited amount of airflow that can travel through its tube and that can be quite dangerous, so everyone should make sure to keep swimming at a low pace and while also breathing at a normal speed.

The selling feature for this snorkel would probably be the water drainage valve at the bottom of the mask that doesn’t allow any water to gather inside the mask. The security mechanism will empty all the water and in return that will help save more time that used to be spent on taking the snorkel off to clear the accumulated water.

Tribord EasyBreath Snorkel Mask

Moreover, the EasyBreath is equipped with magnifier lens and what they do is that it’ll amplify the size of small items and bring them closer to you. Obviously, this can be an advantage or a disadvantage to some people as they may want to see things normal and as they are, but others may want to spot objects closer to them, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

One fact to note about the Tribord snorkel is that it lacks a GoPro mount, and that would disappoint some people who love to shoot their snorkeling trips to watch them later, fortunately, many of the best full face snorkel masks on this list have camera mounts and with the same built quality or even better.

The X-Longer is one of the greatest full face snorkel masks that has a lot of features that are built into it, and with minimum disadvantages that could result in having less fun on your snorkeling trip. Some of these features is the ability for the tube to fold over into the back side of the mask with a push of a button, and we all know how that will save a ton of storing space inside your luggage and makes transporting the mask much smoother especially when it’s tucked inside the nylon bag that comes with the snorkel mask.

What most don’t pay attention to is that most full face snorkel masks have detachable tubes and that can cause for the tube to be lost. That can turn to a real hassle especially if you lost it during your vacation.

Another great benefit from having the X-Longer is that it has an adjustable camera mount that snap and lock-in quite easily, and being an adjustable mount will not only solve the problem of not being able of recording all your surroundings. But it’ll also fix the issue that most snorkel masks are suffering from, and that is when the camera is not totally submerged with water, so depending on your swimming angel, you can set it up to the angel that you think is the best.

When diving with this snorkel there is no need to worry about leaking or fogging, because the X-Longer has an auto-seal feature which will automatically lock the air valve and the tube right after it’s underwater. Fogging is avoided in this mask by using separate valves for inhaling and exhaling, that will not only give extra fresh airflow but also prevent fogging to accumulate inside the mask and block your sight while snorkeling in the ocean.

The lens of the X – Longer is protected with a UV coating that will ban the strong sunlight from hurting your eyes and skin, however, this protection can cause a double reflection on the sides of the lens, and objects behind this lens could be seen twice as big as they actually are. Fortunately, this issue would rarely happen and can only be found in the EP version of the X-Longer, so double-check that you’ve picked the right one for you.

Our next mask is a snorkel that is a perfect fit for everyone, whether you’re a beginner and you just started to learn how to snorkel or you’re a snorkeling expert. This mask is a tremendous upgrade if you’re someone who is coming from a traditional mask and snorkel sets. You will have a much wider and clearer view with this mask and having the snorkel built-in is just perfect for you.

The Easy Snorkel use a technology that they called: The Float Technology, and what this feature mainly does is that it automatically seals the snorkel when you dive in and the snorkel mask is fully underwater, that happen by sucking tightly toward your face and locking the breathing tube with the valves to prevent water from getting in.

Easy snorkel team is very confident with their sealing technology, and to prove that they didn’t build a draining hole at the bottom of the snorkel like most manufacturers do, not sure if that’s a good idea but it seems to work as long as you’re not diving.

Furthermore, some of the benefits from having the Easy Snorkel is the 180° lens that allows you to not miss anything while you’re out in the sea, whether it’s a fish or turtle, and with the aid of the detachable and high quality air tube on top of the mask that will prevent any type of fogging to establish a clear and wide angle vision.

If you’re a bearded man, you shouldn’t be concerned with the design and the fit of the snorkel. The mask seals around your whole face, from chin to forehead, so a thick beard could not interfere with the seal on your chin.

A tiny travel bag would also be included with this snorkel set and that will help you to keep your mask safer and cleaner.

One point that is a downside to this amazing snorkel is that it doesn’t hold up in any depth that is more than 20 feet. Furthermore, when diving for more than this depth the snorkel will start to leak and you will start feeling the pressure on your face that will cause pain for your ears and headache in your head after you get out of the ocean.

WhildHorn has some brilliant features that differentiate it from other snorkels, and one of them is the is new dry snorkel technology, which works in favor of sealing the full face snorkel mask and make it comfortable as much as possible. to bring that into reality, sturdy silicon isolation is used to give absolute comfort during snorkeling, but what’s most important is the amount of water it will lock when you’re in the water.

Draining hole in this snorkel works as it should, using a valve near the chin, but to clear the water properly you must be outside the pool or sea, and at the same time tilting your head to the back for better draining. WildHorn lens gives a maximum amount of view underwater to watch areas surrounding you, or by attaching a GoPro to the camera mount to have even a greater angle of the view. Storage has been made easier with the detachable air tube that can be removed easily.

Unfortunately, the WildHorn doesn’t seem to function very well while diving below the surface of the ocean. One main problem is that the sealing becomes less reactive allowing for the water to get inside the mask easily. Clearly, this snorkel was not intended to be for diving and it doesn’t operate very well under the pressure of deep areas.

This one is a must-have for scuba diving.

The Greatever have been crafted and built with starters in mind, and how can it be the easiest, the simplest and the square number one on their journey with snorkeling masks. Greatever has a fantastic breathing system that delivers air to the swimmer through separate breathing chambers that is position away from the lens, and each one is for a different function.

They work by passing fresh air for exhaling in one chamber and inhaling in the other, that will contribute significantly in breathing effortlessly and to preventing fogging up while snorkeling.

Thanks to this feature anyone can snorkel and breath comfortably while observing and enjoying your hobby. Some other features the Greater has is the ability to fold the tube for better storage efficiency, and the camera mount that is positioned on top of the full face snorkeling mask.

One thing to know about this camera mount is that in order for it record properly, your head must be the same level as the sea, and your face should point downwards. If not done correctly, the camera will be sticking out of the water and the video will not be really ‘great’.

Greatever Full Snorkel Mask Kit

The downsides that have been found in this snorkeling mask are very minimal and doesn’t compare to the benefits someone would get from it. Some of those drawbacks are things like tightening the straps which can be difficult for some people especially if you’re transitioning from a traditional snorkel mask, but that’s something that can be used to.

In short, the Greatever is a top-quality snorkel and the materials used to build this full face snorkel mask are rugged, durable and should last for a long time, definitely worth checking out.

All the way from Italy is where our next full face mask snorkel comes from. Ocean Reef is one of the oldest companies that manufacture swimming snorkels and ever since they started producing diving equipment, the quality of their products have also gone to be better.

Only recently Ocean Reef has started to make snorkeling masks and their standards of assembling top-notch gear have reflected also on their full face snorkel masks. Size choices that the Aria has are numerous, and that will give you plenty of selections to pick from whether it’s for yourself or your family members.

Water sealing is superior in the ocean reef and the leaking you experience in other snorkels doesn’t exist in this mask, and that’s due to the high-quality silicon used around the face area to block any water and ensure complete isolation for your breathing. When it comes to breathing, the Ocean Reef has two different channels for the air to flow in and out so you can have smooth respiration.

Comfort is another great benefit that the Ocean Reef has as it focuses on lifting the pressure from the entire face and have it only on the bottom jaw. This will help in many ways, first, this will cause for the mask to sit comfortably on your face without any pain, and second, it will be extremely beneficial for long periods of snorkeling that can extend to hours in duration.

Comfort will not be touched even if the swimmer has a beard on his face, and a little bit of leaking of water into the mask may occur, but luckily thanks to the draining hole the water will leak out the same way it leaked in.

Ocean Reef Snorkel Mask

The self-drainage system will solve any unexpected leaking to mask, and the tube will close automatically when it’s submerged like the old school dry snorkels. Unfortunately, because of the pressure that will rise in deep areas this snorkel can’t endure any kind of diving, as it will result to a massive pain inside the ears and the nose of the diver.

For its terrific capability in preventing the full face snorkel mask to fog, the Head Vu has earned its place on this list. The vented channels are one of the ways the HEAD snorkel mask stops having the lens all fogged up, and the sturdy silicon sealing works as well in stopping water from entering into the mask efficiently.

The bottom valve in this snorkel works perfectly to clear any water that gets into the mask, however, for the purge to work efficiently it requires swimming in a moderate speed and not to dive under the water surface. In terms of comfort while wearing the snorkel, then the HEAD has high-quality materials that separate the skin from the snorkel mask and it sits on the face quite comfortably.

The way this comfort is created is by shifting the pressure to different points on your face rather than having it only on one point, say for example the cheeks. This way you get less pain while snorkeling and after finishing off.

Plus, you need to be aware that this snorkel, like any full face snorkel mask, need some extra attention and care, so leaking where water can site every once in a while is a must do. Otherwise, the silicon seals would be moldy and there will be constant fogging on the lens, and when that happens you will be required to break down the snorkel and clean it piece by piece.

Another great feature with the HEAD Vu is that it’s available in more than six different sizes for freedom of choice, and also it comes with a plastic case that serves the need for small, portable storage space for the snorkel mask. The only disadvantage anyone can face is that this snorkeling mask doesn’t have an attachable camera mount for someone to hook up their snorkel with a GoPro.

This is something that is not that big of a deal but it is just something that is nice to have especially in one of the best full face snorkel mask 2019.

Like all best full face snorkel masks, the Unknown uses the double chamber’s technology for breathing and they are making a killing out of it. This snorkel will prevent fogging by making the airflow from a separate route and it will keep it away from the lens, that will cause for more loosen trip and activity.

Hence, thanks to this specific feature you now can make long periods of snorkeling that could extend to even hours, just you and yourself having the time of your life while practicing your favorite activity. Furthermore, sealing in the Unknown operate by an auto toggle that closes immediately when you dive deeper into the ocean and opens again when going back up to the surface.

Others have also this toggling feature, but the amount of comfort and safeness that you will get while snorkeling from the Unknown, clearly shows that they are the best in implementing this function. Moving on to the lens in this snorkel, this lens is made from plastic and it is curved and widely stretched across the mask and gives a decent clearness of 180° of view into the ocean.

The straps on this snorkel are easily adjustable and can fit kids age 8 and above, it also comes equipped with a durable waterproof phone case that comes included with the Unknown snorkel mask.

One drawback that can be said about the Unknown is that the GoPro mount attached to it is not as sturdy as it should be, it can be easily broken by a wrong move or a strong wave in the sea. Other than that, the Unknown is absolutely one of the best snorkels out there and definitely worth considering.

How to Choose the best full face snorkel mask

full face snorkel mask

There are some key features everyone who’s craving to land his or her first mask should keep in mind and consider while searching for the right full face snorkel mask 2019.


When choosing your snorkel mask you should make sure that it’s not too loose so it will fall off from its position, or it’s not too tight so it’ll create uncomfortable pressure on your face. Silicon, which is what separates the mask from the skin, is what matters when it comes to comfort in a full face snorkel mask. High-quality snorkels have soft silicon that offers more flexibility and durability. While the lesser quality snorkels who normally cheap in price have stiffer silicon that doesn’t rest very well on the face.

Picking the right snorkel should always be from a comfort perspective, along with other things like the nose size, length and width are things that matter too.


If you choose the wrong size for a full face snorkel mask then leaking is something you can’t shy away from. Therefore, when picking up a snorkel for kids always go for a smaller size than your measurements of the kids’ face. That’s because if the snorkel appears to be smaller you can always adjust the suitability by pulling the straps to the right face size.

A return policy is one of the important things to watch for especially if you happen to pick the wrong size and issues like leaking arise because of that, so always look for companies who offer the best policy and care about their customers who had some trouble with their purchases.

If someone wants a leak-proof mask then the only way to do that is by choosing the right snorkel for his or her face measurements and following the size chart that manufacturers provide on their product listing. After having a perfect size and before snorkeling, you must ensure that the mask positioned in the right place and the straps are firmly adjusted.

Best full face snorkel mask


You definitely have seen a claim for snorkel company saying that there mask lens is “fog free” or “fogging proofed”, but in reality that’s not entirely correct, and there is no snorkel mask that can prevent and eliminate fogging entirely from the lens. The reason for that is all exterior elements the is forced on the mask and the shapes these are made to.

Full face snorkeling masks come in two main shapes, flat or curved lens:

Flat lens is made from plastic and they have distortion invisibility, and the view in a flat lens is always clear and more natural to the eye. At the edges, where the lens connects with the frame you could see a little bit of distortion, but that part of the lens you actually don’t use out in the ocean, so it’s not really noticeable. Flat lens are clearly the one to go with and what you should always look for in a full face snorkel mask.

On the other hand, a curved lens is made in a way that covers the entire face of the mask. They cause a small amount of distortion but it spread evenly across the lens, but it gets stronger on the edges. Some snorkelers reported after wearing snorkel masks with curved lens that they suffered from some dizziness. Therefore, if you are a beginner you should grab a flat lens snorkel as it’s clearer and newer.

Dry snorkel

This feature is the most important part of a full face snorkeling mask and the reason why these have become so popular among ocean enthusiast. What dry snorkels essentially do is that they keep the water out from inside the mask, by using a valve with a ball inside a tube, the ball then floats and block water from entering inside the mask. Without this feature in a full face snorkel mask, then swallowing salt water is Inevitable.

Dry snorkels function well during rough waves or whenever you decide to dive in. Dry snorkels are great for small kids and beginners to be the first step into learning how to snorkel.

GoPro Compatibility

Some snorkels are built with a removable mount for the GoPro and others with a permanent mount on top of the mask, but a small number of companies produce a mask that is not Compatible with portable cameras. So if you like shooting videos of your snorkeling trips, then make sure always to check the camera mount capability in the snorkel mask.


So there you have it, based on its great water sealing and the added accessories and many others, the SeeReef have made it to the top of this list. In case you feel that we left out some other great full face snorkel masks, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Photo credit: Image 1 and Image 2 on Flickr

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