Best Paddle Boards for Lakes 2019 | Buyer’s Guide

best paddle boards for lakes

If you do most of your paddle boarding in lakes, then the sup board you use must have certain characteristics and features. Since lakes are a lot different than rivers and oceans, paddlers need to use a board that is more stable and rugged. So, what we’re going to cover in this post is some of the best paddle boards for lakes that are perfect for both beginners and intermediates. And also, we’re going to help you choose the right one for you.

best paddle boards for lakes 2019

The soft top ISLE Cruiser is one the best paddle boards that is nice to look at and comes from ISLE’s sophisticated design that has a variety of colors and options. This foam sup is for those who have available extra storage space for this massive paddle board, and also for someone who prefers not to pump the board every time he wants to go out for paddling.

Upon riding this board, you will immediately notice that the ISLE Cruiser does a great job in choppy water as well as flat-water, such as rivers and lakes. Moreover, like most hard paddle boards, this sup comes with three wooden stringers to ensure the maximum amount of rigidity and toughness.

Durability is also guaranteed with the ISLE Cruiser due to the double string foam core with a fiberglass wrap and EVA deck pad. A bunch of accessories has been included with the Cruiser package to help you start paddling right away, such as the adjustable carbon paddle, a center fin, and a carry handle.

The carry handle will help greatly and remove the hassle of while carrying this hardboard to the water. This all-around board can be used very easily in any condition and anywhere you want, whether it’s an ocean filled with waves, a river or on a calm lake.

Further, the 32” width of this paddleboard gives tremendous amount of space on board to try all kinds of activities. Along with that, the soft top has a built-in grip feature that ensures that your feet are firmly on the board and decreases the possibility of slipping.

The Atoll 11’ paddle board is one the best paddle boards available on the market for a fair price. This premium board is designed to give you the ultimate user experience using some of the best materials available. The Atoll can easily be used for a variety of activities such as yoga, touring and others.

A lot of changes have been made to the new version of the Atoll from the previous edition. Some of those changes include adding a leash to the paddle board after not have one in the last version, also they have increased the size of the D-rings on top of the paddleboard to grab anything attached to it.

One thing you would notice immediately about the Atoll is the military design on the exterior, with that dark green that ‘s mixed beautifully with the black color, and the same goes for the different colors available for this paddle board. When it comes to stability, then the Atoll settles greatly on calm water such as lakes, and it’s perfect choice for beginners as well as experienced paddlers. In the water, the inflatable Atoll will ensure you a lot of fun.

Thanks to the tapered nose, this stand up paddle board float and tracks extremely well, and easily break through waves and rocky lakes. The Atoll have included all the niceties that you need to start paddling on your favorite lake, items such as, a manual pump, a bag, detachable fin, a leach, front and rear bungee tie downs, three-piece paddle and finally a repair kit.

The next board on this list is the iRocker Cruiser which is considered to be one of the most stable inflatable paddle boards on the market. This 6-inches thick paddleboard will give you an immense amount of stability on water surface. The thickness of this iRocker is much more than most inflatable paddle boards, which means that it can hold more air and weight. Moreover, when you combined that with the extra wide tail, this paddle board becomes perfect for lakes.

Tracking through the water is a lot smoother because of the shape of this sup board. When it comes to durability, and after you fully inflate this board you can immediately feel how tough and sturdy it is. That’s because of the military PVC used in this paddle board, you now don’t have to worry about damaging it on rocks. This makes the iRocker SUP Cruiser an excellent choice for beginners.

Focusing on your yoga poses is much easier with this paddle board, as the board let you focus on things other than making your self stable. Furthermore, the weight capacity of the iRocker Cruiser is another thing that is noticeable about this sup board, as it can carry more than 350 pounds on board.

Like any stand up paddle board, the iRocker comes with loads of accessories and essentials. You can get things such as a high-quality backpack to store the paddle board, adjustable fiberglass paddle, double action dual chamber manual pump, and a leach. All those equipment will help you enjoy your lake paddling experience.

Next on this list is a paddleboard that gives any skill level paddler a dependable SUP board. This stand up paddle board has something to offer to everyone, whether they’re looking for performance or reliability. The JLF is a great entry board for every beginner, and after having a little bit more experience with it, they’re finally ready to take a hardboard in future trips.

Hardboards have a lot of common features with the JLF, and one of them is the weight of the board. This stand up paddle board weighs only 23 pounds and it’s easy to carry around thanks to the shoulder strap. When the board is deflated, it can be easily carried in the backpack with the other tools that come with it.

If you combined all those items in the backpack, it’ll all weigh approximately 27 pounds. This’s perfect especially if you’re someone who needs an inflatable paddle board that is easily transported on a car or even an airplane. In order to navigate your way through any lake, you definitely need high-quality tools to help you do that.

With the JLF, you’re given a fiberglass paddle that’s lightweight and easy to paddle with. This paddle is an adjustable one and can be used by anyone no matter their height is. Lastly, when we look at the value you get from this paddleboard and compare it with its price. You will find that the JLF is an absolute bargain and totally worth your investment in it.

The inflatable paddle board Tower is a board that has an immense amount of students and durability throughout its design and construction materials. This stand up paddleboard is another option that was made from military grade materials. In other words, the Tower can endure any kind of abuse, which will give a peace of mind when others are riding your paddle board.

Speaking about riding the board, the front of this paddleboard designed with a pointed noise that that will make it faster and good for distance riding. After riding this SUP board, you will notice that it glides through water in ease, unlike other paddle boards. With both fins on the sides of the Tower, maneuvering on lakes and rivers have never been easier for beginners.

The way those fins were made helps you be on track once you have picked your destination. The increased weight limit from the previous version of the Tower allows for more people items on the board and is able to carry more than 350 pounds of weight.

Moreover, with the help of the bungee system that the Tower has, you can load your gear on the front end of the paddle board. With the easy to use the manual pump you can inflate your board in less than 10 minutes, and then grab it from the front or the rear handle and take it the water.

All those added features should not come as a surprise that it will make any paddle board high in price, but some of the features the Tower have will make it worth the added cost. Also, you’re getting a lot of other equipment that will help you in your paddle adventure.

How to choose the best paddle boards for lakes

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When it comes to stand up paddle boarding, then it’s all about balance, agility and your ability to observe your surroundings. It’s also about how much you know about the environment around you, whether it’s the ocean, a river, or a lake.

Therefore, we are going to give you some advantages and disadvantages of inflatable paddle boards and solid sup boards, so can buy the perfect paddleboard that suits your needs.

Advantages of solid paddle boards

Perfect size and fit: Solid sups have a lot more size options and carefully made shapes than inflatable boards has, so picking the right one for you is much easier.

Toughness and stability: Solid sup boards by nature are a lot more rigid than inflatable boards, and that will give a stability feeling in water, especially in unsound areas. To create a stable ride on solid boards you need to make the boards ride lower in water.

Performance: A solid board is also much better for touring with speed. the best paddle board for lakes have performance in water. And paddle faster and smoother than inflatable paddle boards and with less effort. You should consider a solid board if speed is your number one priority.

Advantages of inflatable paddle boards

Easy packing: Inflatable paddle boards do what is nearly impossible with solid board, and that is putting it in a backpack and carrying it while hiking to a lake. Inflatable boards are also beneficial if you don’t have enough storage in your home, they can fold and easily stored in small spaces.

Traveling: Traveling with inflatable paddle boards is quite easy, you can take your board whether you’re going on an airplane, bus or a train. iSUPs are compact, easy to store and can be carried as a backpack. So if you like to start paddling at your new destination, then go with the inflatable paddle board.

Yoga: Inflatable boards are quite comfortable if compared with solid paddle boards, so doing your yoga poses is a lot easier.

To sum up, choosing the right paddleboard for you is really easy, all you need to do is to know their needs, and after that go to this list of paddle boards and choose the one suits you best. All paddle boards mentioned in this post are perfect for riding in lakes, but what differentiates one from the another is the things you need from the best paddle boards for lakes.

Comment below on what paddle board you liked the most, and tell us if there’s a paddle board that worth mentioning, we will make sure to add it in our upcoming posts.

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