7 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards For Fishing in 2019

Paddle boards have many sub categories of sports and activities ever since they wore descovered, and switched many activities from being some what boring to a lot more exsiting. Fishing is one of those activities that paddle boards changed the way people look at it, from “not so much fun” to “I want to do this everyday” kind of fun.

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards For Fishing

With the best stand up paddle boards for fishing in 2019, you not only get a great excercise, but it also enables you to access fishing spots that you would not with a boat. Also, SUP fishing boards require less to transfer and carry around, unlike a kayake or a motor boat.

Best Stand Up Paddle Boards For Fishing

This definitive guide will walk you through the best models in the market right now, and will give you tips on how to go about picking the right fishing board for you.

This well-known brand in the paddleboarding world is one of the best stand up paddle board for fishing, and that’s due to unique features that it has. The Aqua Marina has a double-sided rail design with 38 inches of width that will ensure the maximum amount of stability during fishing. The two independent side air chambers is a unique feature that you won’t find anywhere else.

Those side chambers are the most prominent thing about Aqua Marina, and they will boost your stability as you cruise the waters. Another prominent aspect about this paddle board is the thickness that it has. Just like most high-quality inflatable paddle boards, the Aqua Marina is 6 inches thick that’s made to make fishing much more balance.

Another great feature about this paddle board is the inclusion of a fishing cooler that can be removed and attached very easily. This cooler sits on top of the board and whenever you catch a fish, you simply slide it into the cooler. The cooler is a high-quality one and you don’t have to worry about the fish being spoiled.

A comfortable back seat is also included on top of this cooler which will allow you to set back while fishing. The spacious area on the deck gives you the ability to cut the fish before placing it inside the cooler. The side air chambers are the best addition to the Aqua Marina that will allow taking to a nearby lake and fish all day.

This SUP board is stable and easy to paddle. Atoll’s experience in the market have grown a lot in recent years, and that enabled them to find the perfect combination of shape and design for fishing boards. The tapered nose and large touring fin of this paddle board make it easy to glide smoothly on water and maneuver quickly. Unlike most inflatable paddle boards with similar size dimensions, Atoll has less drag on water which will require less effort to paddle from your part.

This paddle board has plenty of storage space for your fishing gear and equipment. Along the sides of the deck pad, you can find 15 stainless steel D-rings that you can use to attach your kayak seat or tying down gear. Moreover, the high-quality bungee cords on both sides of the board will give enough space for your belongings.

Atoll SUP board is equipped with a backpack full of items to get you to start fishing right away. It includes a 3-piece aluminum paddle that can be broken apart during fishing and kept on the side. When it comes to the performance of this fishing iSUP, then Atoll 11’ features a light construction that dramatically decreased the board’s weight to only 19 pounds.

As a result, the board feels like a solid board with a fully wrapped second layered material giving it all the sturdiness of a solid board with the durability of an inflatable one. The main thing that contributes to making this the best stand up paddle boards for fishing is the high-quality drop stitch core and the dual-layer military grade PVC.

This is another stand up paddle board that was made with fishing in mind, and its one of the best of them. Since 2006, Elkton Outdoors offered a variety of products such as fishing vests, paddle boards, and kayaks. These products and others are made to be taken right into the wild. The Grebe 12-Foot Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board is the result of years of experience that produced an incomparable paddle board for fishing.

The length aspect is what makes fishing iSUP so unique, because now with this board, you’ll get so much space where you can install all of your gear and supplies. But that’s not all, to have the perfect fishing board you need a little bit more than just the length. Therefore, Grebe 12-Foot is equipped with two-rod holders that can be easily removed, four fishing mounts and a foldable seatback that allow you to relax while fishing.

It’s also not surprising to know that this paddle board is built using heavy duty PVC material that gives it the ability to handle any outdoor environment. When it comes to storage, then the Grebe 12-Foot has 2 cargo holding areas; the first is a bungee cord in front of the board and 4 D-rings at the end of the board.

The second is the extra 6 D-rings that can be used to install a cooler and store all your catches. To transport all the installed gear on top of this board, you find 3 carry handles that will give solid grasp to the board. Overall, nothing else can be said about this board other than it has an endless amount of positive features that cheer up any SUP fishing board lovers.

Tower paddle board is the king of paddleboard sales records, and Adventure 2 is the face of their brand. You can immediately notice all the great added features in this version of the Adventure, such as the shape and design, compared to the previous version.

This board cuts smoothly through water and track better thanks to its pointed nose as opposed to a rounded nose. What makes this paddle board perfect for fishing is that it has 37-inches in width that will create a stable board for you. The 6 inches in thickness that this board also plays a big role in making it suitable for fishing as you will have more hight than a 4-inch board.

When it comes to performance than the Adventure 2 may make you think that the board that it wouldn’t probably slug along. However, you will be impressed when you start paddling on water and see for yourself that the wide design and short length make this board glid quite smoothly. One of the best new features on the Adventurer 2 inflatable sup is the cargo straps.

This model board comes with 4 d-rings with a bungee strapped between them on the front of the board. This can be used to strap down some of your fishing gear or a dry bag. Overall, this board is one of the best stand up paddle board for fishing in open water and for other activities.

The ‘CROSS-SUP’ 10′ blends the excellent performance characteristics that only found in top-notch fishing paddle boards. BIC have created a paddle board that performs great in any condition you go through. Whether you’re fishing in a lake or in the open ocean, you can always expect to have the performance of a high-end board.

BIC Cross offers the ideal platform for a fishing enthusiast that is stable in rocky conditions and wide enough to all his gear. This paddle board was designed with stability and toughness in mind, for performance in a wide range of flat water conditions and activities. The molded watertight EPS foam core gives this board its rigidity and toughness, and the exterior polyethylene skin provides maximum impact resistance.

On top of the deck, there are a variety of attachments and D-rings that you can secure your gear with, such as fishing rods and cooler boxes. An extra 6 deck attachment points were added to secure your gear replacing the bungee storage system.

The unique nose shape of the BIC paddleboard makes this board excellent in gliding on water and increase tracking ability. All in all, this fishing board delivers everything it promises in terms of performance and durability at a reasonable price point.

Our next paddle board is designed with sleek toughness and quick and easy access to the water whenever you feel the water is calling your name. Paddle board fishing has never been easier with the iRocker that has everything you’ve ever wanted and more in a fishing iSup. The reason this paddle board should be on top of your list is the reliability and versatility that you can look forward to in this paddle board.

With the adjustable fiberglass paddle, 9 stainless steel D-rings, non-skid traction pad, and the large bungee system you can say that this board is loaded with features. Let’s go deep into some of these features. The iRocker package comes with an adjustable 3-piece aluminum paddle that can go from 63 inches to 83 inches in length. The 9 D-rings on this board are extremely useful to tay down a kayak seat and also some of your fishing gear.

A criss-cross bungee strap is also located in the upper center of the board which will easily secure your personal belongings or small cooler. Like most quality fishing boards, the iRocker is easily transportable and takes only minutes to inflate. This light fishing iSUP can be carried in and out of the water by the center handle and be easily stored. Overall, the 11′ iRocker is a great fishing ISUP for a decent price, and the 2-year warranty it has makes it even better.

An affordable paddle board that’s designed for fishing and comes with everything you need to get on the water aren’t much these days. SereneLife is the perfect fishing sup board for any beginner that wants to try on SUP fishing board. This paddle board is not only stable and light but its also easily maneuverable.

The package of this board will include the following items, an oar, air pump storage bag, and a leash. The board is high-quality and you can take it to places that only paddle boards can go. SereneLife is 10’ long, 30” inches in width, and 10” high making the board extremally stable. You can have all kinds of fishing gear on this paddleboard since it has 275 pounds of weight capacity.

With this board, you don’t have to worry if your cooler has too much weight in it. As mentioned earlier, affordability is what makes this board everyone’s favorite. That inexpensive price also comes with high-quality materials that will benefit you greatly in your fishing trip. The non-slip soft dick and durable PVC construction will guarantee you a comfortable and exciting fishing trip. Overall, there is no fishing paddle board that can compete with the SereneLife price, quality, design, and storage capabilities.

How To Choose The Best Stand Up Paddle Board For Fishing

Paddle board

This point is the most obvious and most crucial point of them all. If you purchase a fishing paddle board that doesn’t fit your needs, then this will ruin all your fishing trips. Unfortunately, there’s never a one-size fit’s all option when it comes to fishing paddle boards, therefore, you need to pick carefully the right one for you.

Width is one of the important things to consider since its the thing that will determine balance and stability. The most preferred fishing SUP board is the one that has 30 inches or more of width, this will not only give you stability on board but also the confidence to go on choppy water.

The next major thing to consider is the length of the board. The longer the paddleboard the easier it is to have the stability to throw the perfect cast. Generally, the taller the board, the faster it will be, and the shorter it is the less speed it will go and the more maneuverability your fishing iSUP board will have.

The Paddle

To have an amazing fishing experience you also need to look at the right paddle for you. The role of thumb is to pick the paddle that fits your body the most. Not what you like the most. Also, expect to spend a good amount of money on your paddle. The kind of paddle will affect your speed, and it will determine the amount of power you’re going to put in to cut through the water. Always try to pick the paddle to go hand in hand with your height, and the paddle most of the time could be 4 to 6 inches taller than you.

Weight Capacity

Since all paddle board has different Weight Capacities, there is no magic number that fits everyone. To find the paddle board that has the perfect weight capacity, all you have to do is take the estimated weight of your gear and add that up to your own weight. Make sure you choose the SUP fishing board that has a limit weight that exceeds your estimated number.

The Leash

In most cases, you will get a free leach if decided to go with an inflatable paddle board. At the beginning of each fishing trip, make sure the leach is strapped around your ankle, that will prevent you from losing both of your gear and your board in case of an emergency or fighting with a big fish.

Storage space

Paddle boards that were built specifically for fishing are equipped with different things when it comes to storage than any regular paddleboard. These storage areas could be bungee cords or multiple D-rings on the deck of the board. Having 10+ D-rings on the deck is ideal in case you want it to strap in a cooler and have an area for your dry bag at the same time. Having a storage space is vital for a paddle board fisher on a paddle board, otherwise, where do you keep the fish that you caught fresh and clean.

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