What To Pack For a Cruise in 2019

No one who went on a cruise vacation like that moment when he or she say something that goes like this: “I wish I brought that…”, or “why didn’t I remember to add that thing to my packing list…”. Forgetting an item on your cruise trip is sometimes inevitable as there are many things that can come up during the vacation in which you didn’t plan for, you may sometimes find the thing you’re looking for on the cruise but with a higher price than the mainland.


Therefore, it’s an absolute must to have a clear packing checklist that includes all the things you want to pack for your long-waited cruise trip. So, in this post you are going to find a number of cruise essentials that will not leave you an option but to get them.

Not to mention that overlooking some of these items may even rowing your entire holiday if you didn’t have an immediate access to them (like number 3). Take this list and adjust it and modify it depending on what your needs are and the destination that you’re headed to, so you make sure that you have a stress-free vacation.

cruise packing list

As we all know, cruise lines such as the Royal Caribbean Cruises consider several electronic devices such as the iron, steamers and coffee makers, as fire hazards on board. And for the same reason, a great number of cruise lines don’t provide any self-laundry or clothing irons inside staterooms.

Therefore, most of us struggle with our clothes when we stuff all of it in a suitcase, and when it’s time to unpack it, we are surprised with wrinkles all over it. What you need to pack to solve this issue is a cheap and time-saving solution like the wrinkle releaser that will remove all the creases in no time and make our clothes look like they were new.

To remove wrinkles from your clothes, what you got to do is to simply lay the piece of clothing on the bed of your room, then lightly spray the releaser on the wrinkles and run your palm from the center outwards. The result, a piece of clothing that is as superb as an ironed one. Moreover, this product is absolutely convenient especially for traveling and it easily get rid of the wrinkles caused by your suitcase.

So, snatch one from Amazon and enjoy a wrinkle-free vacation.
TIP: if you’re afraid of any stains that could happen from the wrinkle releaser, spray the fluid on your clothes from the inside out.

In a place that is rocky as cruise ships, having all your makeup products or your grooming set stable on top of the room or bathroom counter can be a hassle and almost impossible to do. Using a toiletry bag will give you ease while packing all the things you need in your cruise holiday, like, sunscreens, buddy spires, shampoos… etc. and organizes all these items the way you want them to be, while saving you a ton of space in your luggage that’s wasted on these small little items.

So after you finished using the bag, all you’re required to do is to hang the bag in the bathroom without the need to pack it again, or if you prefer, you can make them stand above the counter on their own.

Another benefit from toiletry bags is that they provide shelter for face creams and sunscreens, items that due to the pressure in your suitcase that could cause them to squeeze out all over your clothes. Thus, keeping these liquid products in a separate bag is extremely necessary.

One rule while selecting your toiletry organizer is to make sure that it’s easy to hang in the bathroom, and the material used into making the bag is waterproofed which will give you a peace of mind when the bag gets splashed by accident. Like this bag.

Sunlight can be extremely powerful in cruise destinations like the Caribbean or the Bahamas. Heat and the heavy sunshine in such destinations will require you to apply sunscreens often, and if you ever went on a cruise to a place where the sun is blasting on your face all day long, you have definitely notice that.

Therefore, one of the most important things to pack for a cruise is a UVA protection sunscreen in which you should take plenty of them ahead, and if you’re departing on a vacation with your family take at least one for each person.

While the bulk number of people (if they didn’t forget) add only sunscreens to their packing list, and they just overlook the possibility of getting burned from the sun. Aloe gels can significantly reduce the pain that can happen from sunburns and let you enjoy the rest of your trip.

So, if you’re someone who acquire sunburns very easily, then you’re advised to bring some Aloe gels and add it to your packing list. Besides, do you really want to sit indoor while everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves outside, Do You!! 

Usually, sunscreens are not something you can just skip adding to your checklist as they are one of the cruise essentials that almost all travelers need, and cruise ships always take advantage of that by making sunscreens quite expensive on board. Thus, the smartest thing for you to do is to grab a couple of them from Amazon and save your money for something else during your vacation.

There is nothing more irritating to the eye more than the brightness of the sun creating a reflection on water while you’re trying to observe the views facing you. If you’re wondering what type of sunglasses you should pack for your cruise, then polarized sunglasses are the best in terms of protecting your eyes from the sunshine reflecting on the ship or the ocean by drastically reducing the glare of the sun.

Unisex sunglasses such as this Ray-Ban work well on most face shapes and they return the true color of the objects that you see during your trip, so the views you observe in your trip aren’t tinted, but only the real deal. Protecting your eyes from the elements is an essential point no matter what the cruise destination was, but the issue is forgetting to bring those sunglasses during packing at home or in the car while you’re attempting to catch your cruise ship.

Therefore, a simple solution for that is by packing an inexpensive pair of sunglasses in your suitcase as a backup in case you missed your main one, or even better, put your sunglasses at the top of your packing list so it’s the first item you place in your luggage.

Having a phone with an empty battery nowadays is probably the worst thing that could happen to anyone, but what’s even ten times worse than that is when that happens while you’re on the beach or lying next to the pool. How are you going to take all those Instagram stories and Facebook pictures with a dead phone!!

Even if you had some juice in your phone, battery life can decrease rapidly after taking all those selfies and using social media, and it’ll be drained in a few hours. Smartphone, cameras, and pretty much all electronics are useless if they don’t contain the battery juice that will make them function well, and an electronic power bank such as the Anker will give you 10000mAh of pure power.

In addition to its lightweight and small size, it’s also compliant with airline rules and regulations to be taken on airplanes. The price of a high-quality power bank like this Anker is considered to be a bargain when compared to other power bank brands, so you don’t have any excuse not to bring it on a cruise.

Staterooms in many cruise ships possess in them only a limited amount of outlets, and that can make a troublesome especially if there are multiple people in the room, likewise, there is no easy access to outlets around the ship.

Whenever you step out of the ship, make sure to top up all your electronic gear including your power bank before heading out to your next adventure.

So, do yourself and your phone a favor and get an affordable, lightweight power bank and add it to your packing list. Nothing better can be felt after knowing that you have a backup power bank that will allow you to charge your phone not only once, but multiple times.

Destinations that cruise lines like Carnival and the Royal Caribbean Cruises would most likely take you to locations that are famous for their crystal-clear water that you would want to dive in to, and if you did, those moments deserve to be captured on a camera. 

It doesn’t seem fair to land on a beach with gorgeous views and not shoot some pictures for the island or go on for some diving and snorkeling to observe the coral life deep in the ocean without capturing that in a video.

Bringing A high-quality camera like the GoPro on a cruise will grant you some amazing pictures and recording for your diving activities in order for it to become a memory of your trip. 

However, cheaper options like the Campark ACT74 will not necessarily have the same lens quality, but it will contain the same amount of durability and sturdiness. 

These cameras are also great for kids, being small and lightweight will be the cause for them to fall in love with it and encourage them to have more activities so they can use it more often.

Nearly everyone packing for a cruise might not think this item is a must, but for someone who cares about how they’re going to look like, it surely is. 

The Lanzom wide brim hat will not only make you look beautiful in your photos more than you already are but also, it’ll protect your skin from the shiny sun. Simply adjust the hat by pulling the string and keep the sun away from your face, and due to the flexibility of this hat, it’ll be firmly attached to your head and not fly away.

The same for power banks goes also with travel adapters, you’re not going to find plenty of outlets in your stateroom to run or charge your electronics. 

Adapters are the smallest and most affordable essential item you can bring on your cruise vacation, while at the same time, it’s probably the item that you’re going to use the most from your packing list. 

Moreover, if you ever been compelled to take a cruise ship that has outlets that are only compatible for other countries outlets such as Europe or North America, adapters will give you the ability to make use of these outlets too.  

Since power boards are prohibited on cruise lines for being a fire hazard, adapters may not do the same functionality of providing many outlets, but some adapters have two to four outlets that should get the job done.

Regardless of what kind of cruise ship you’re going to be on, adapters are an important aspect of your trip that you should never forget about.


Our last advice regarding what to pack for a cruise is to not get obsessive while packing or frustrated if you forgot anything during the trip. If you packed the most important stuff and made sure they are secured, then you can definitely deal with the little things that encounter you along the way.