Best Waterproof Bags for Paddle Boarding in 2019

At some point of a paddle boarding trip you might felt the need for a dry bag that will keep all your gear safe and dry. With the amount of electoronics today’s outdoor enthusiasts tend to carry, waterproof bags have become a crucial part of a paddle boarding voyage. Planning for an epic kayaking or paddle boarding trip starts with thinking about how to store your valuable while travling on water. 

Waterproof Bag for Paddle Boarding

Best Waterproof Bags For Paddle Boarding

Therefor, if you decided to invest in a good waterproof bag for paddle boarding will not only give you peace of mind, but also will protect all your belongings.

YETI have entered the luggage category recently by producing its new line of waterproof bags called, the Panga Submersible Duffel. Many adventurous people who travel to watery areas around the globe and people who love that adrenaline rush during SUP surfing or racing have recommended this product since it been released in 2017 and they have been recommending it ever since.

Unlike other waterproof bags, it would not take much to be convinced that the YETI is the best waterproof bag for paddle boarding. YETI have built the Panga in three different sizes, 28, 50, 75, and 100 liters. These bags scream quality throughout its design, and the brand cut zero corners when designing and manufacturing these bags.

If you decided to go with the middle option which is the 50 litter size, the first thing you would notice is that it’s beefy, and heavy-duty bag. Between the double-layer, “ThickSkin” shell and the EVA molded bottom (the same as found on the YETI Hopper coolers) this duffel can withstand a beating.

More importantly, the bag will stay waterproofed while paddle boarding. The good thing about the Panga line up and especially the 50-liter is its versatility to handle whatever the situation you’re going through. Some of the features this bag has are the multiple rigging points and the watertight Hydrolok zipper.

This feature will allow the bag to function similar to a larger day-touring dry bag that you would tie down to your deck. This bag offers simpler access that doesn’t any of the purgings, rolling or clipping associated with conventional dry bags.

While on the mainland, the over-built straps on the bag allow you to carry your precious gear comfortable on your back. That’s a good option for paddlers who are used to having cargo weigh down their boards during portages. As with most things YETI produce, this is a premium product with a premium price, but worth every penny.

The Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag is considered by experts to be one of the best dry bags in the market, and rightfully to do so. This dry bag is the one that will keep all your precious possessions safe from the splashing water on your paddleboard.

You can use this bag in the most rugged way possible and Earth Pak will still handle it. As far as the material goas, then Earth Pak was made from thick 500D PVC construction that keeps it from abrasions. This type of material is built to last for years and to survive the toughest paddle boarding adventure anyone can make.

In terms of usage then Earth Pak is extremally easy to use and very flexible. The D-rings on this dry bag will allow you to connect it to your paddle board or even your backpack. Along with this dry bag, you will find a waterproof smartphone case that Earth Pak has an IPX8 certificate on it. So if you’re extra conscious about your electronics not to get wet then you can put it inside of this case and then inside the dry bag.

The Earth Pak Dry Bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that lets you carry it around without much hassle. If you decided to go with the bigger version of this bag, then you will receive a backpack style straps that are extra padded to give you more comfort.

When it comes to the available sizes of this dry bag, then you can choose between 10, 20, 30 or 40 liters of capacity. The Earth Pak offer all sorts of color options that you can choose from, but not every color has all the size options.

The heavy-duty Sea To Summit dry bag is another waterproof backpack that worth considering especially from SUP boarding enthusiasts. This bag has it all. It’s made especially for tough environments that require real waterproofing capabilities bag that can carry a large amount of gear.

The Hydraulic Dry Backpack has a complete welded construction with TPU laminated fabric that was designed to stand up to the extremes of mother nature. Built for toughness, the Sea to Summit dry bag is made out of 600 deniers polyester carrier material on both the inner and face of the pack.

This super tough Hydraulic Dry Pack has a removable harness that will make portaging a lot easier. Whether you’re on the river, a lake, or anywhere else where carrying a large amount of paddle boarding gear is a chore. In fact, it can be very difficult to find yourself carrying a large amount of gear, and that’s exactly what the Hydraulic was made for. The harness attaches to all compatible Hydraulic Dry Bags (35L – 120L) with a series of buckles as tough as the bags themselves.

The only downside to this amazing dry bag is if you submerging in deep water for long periods of time, that can cause water to seep eventually through the roll top. On top of all the great features of this waterproof bag has it’s also available in a variety of bright colors that you can choose from.

Our next waterproof bag for paddle boarding bag is a waterproof backpack made by Chaos Ready that promises a premium quality bag made for the outdoors. This backpack is made with a 500D PVC Tarpaulin material allowing it to not only be lightweight but also a foldable backpack.

The backpack also contains a high frequency welded seams that make it extremely tough and handle whatever the situation you’re going through. This bag is considered to be a little bit on the smaller side as it only has 22 liters of capacity. Two high-quality mesh pockets on the sides of the backpack will be provided to ensure easy access to any items that you have.

The front of the backpack has a small pocket that is only splashed waterproof and not a good place for precise items. The Chaos Ready is surrounded by a high frequency all the way around it, that will keep all your gear safe from any leaks and draining. When it comes to ease of usage then everyone will appreciate what Chaos Ready did to the padded back straps as they will help greatly in long distances.

This bag is user-friendly with its tri-fold buckle system that will make the main compartment watertight. The only downside to this backpack is that it lacks extra side belts, this will result for the bag to its entire pressure on the shoulders, and this can be uncomfortable to carry for long durations.

Another waterproof bag for your paddleboarding trip is the Aqua Quest that comes available in 3 different sizes, 10, 20, and 30 liters. The design of this Dry Bag makes it easy to carry around and the dual-integrated stiffeners make it much durable.

The material used to produce the Aqua Quest Mariner is a PVC fabric that was welded together to itself. As a result, we have a 100% waterproof dry bag with some great features that will enhance your paddle boarding experience. You can carry the Aqua Quest as a backpack with full day load, or as duffel-style with carrying handle.

The back straps can be adjusted at the top and bottom to customize it to what’s best for you. These shoulder straps also include a reflective ribbon that will glow in low lighting conditions to ensure your safety. In terms of ease of usage, then the Aqua Quest uses a roll-down buckle down system that will create a secure sealing for your gear.

The top of the 10-liter dry bag is about 8 inches in diameter, and when the top is folded, you get about fifteen and a half inches in volume. Not bad for a small bag. It’s also super versatile and multi-functional, and it’s one of those bags that has some great features at a reasonable price.

This dry bag has the perfect size for any paddle board you want to take, and it’s full of features that will help you during your paddle boarding trip. The Paddle North is a well-designed bag that combined two bags inside of each other creating one waterproof bag. The outside bag is the one that protects the inside bag isn’t waterproof but made from durable material. The bag that’s being protected has a roll-top closure system and made from sack, and that’s what makes this bag waterproofed and water resistant.

When it comes to carrying this bag than this bag has a high-quality shoulder strap that makes it easy to take this bag around. If you are afraid of taking a bag to a rough area because the inside of the bag will get wet, then this fear is now from the past. The Paddle North is a waterproofed dry bag for paddleboards that will store all your important items in any area you go to.

In order to secure the Paddle North dry bag you two ways to that. The first method is to slide this bag under your bungee cords on top of your paddle board. This method makes it much easier for you to take out the interior bag or put it right back in. Alternatively, the D-rings on your paddle board would be another way to secure this bag by lashing the four tabs on the bottom of the bag to the rings. This bag has some great built-in features that will enhance your paddle boarding experience.

Photo Cridit: Wikimedia Commons

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