Best Waterproof Smartwatch With Long Battery Life 2019

If you have lived long enough with a smartwatch you would probably notice that your battery life doesn’t get you to the end of the day. Having that “ low battery” notification in the middle of the day isn’t fun at all, especially if you’re about to go for a run and you need something to track your activity with.

So, what you need is a waterproof smartwatch with long battery life that can last you for weeks and sometimes even months. Here are five of those smartwatches and tips on how to maintain the battery life on your smartwatch.

Waterproof smartwatch with long battery life

This hybrid smartwatch is an awesome alternative for people who are looking to have a tracker for their daily steps and some notifications in the form of vibrations on their wrists without any flashy screens.

As you would expect, this waterproof smartwatch has a lot of great features connected to it such as filtered notification support, and a stunning design that will make anyone who is fashion-conscious happy.

The 40+ designs that Kronaby has might make it a little bit harder to choose which look to pick, but it also means that there is a style for almost everyone.

In terms of battery life, the Kronaby has a superior advantage against most waterproof smartwatches, due to the Hybrid feature that enables it to have a standard battery that lasts for up to two years depending on your usage.

After this long two years period and when the battery died, you can simply open up the back-side of the smartwatch, and replace it with a new one.

So, it’s safe to say that battery life is something you don’t need to worry about with this smartwatch.

If you’re someone who is looking for a timepiece that is unique looking and has a relatively low price, then you won’t find a better-looking design than the Skagen has.

Skagen smartwatches are one of the few brands that offer features such as the quartz movements and stainless steel cases, as well as a titanium collection. Most people who own this waterproof smartwatch get a lot of compliments on these unique features as they are not seen everywhere else.

Let’s talk now about the battery life in this smartwatch, the Hagen Connected is a hybrid smartwatch that had to make some compromises to have long battery life, the limited amount of notifications is one of these cut downs.

That made this smartwatch last for a period of no less than 6 months. However, some feature that doesn’t need much battery to function was added to the Skagen Hagen, such as activity and sleep tracking, phone finder, music control and more.

Some of these features need the Skagen Hagen Connected App that works for both iOS and Android. You can set up the App in a matter of minutes and connect to the smartwatch. From this App you’re able to view your activity, sleep and goal data, set the time, customize your notifications, link features and change time zones.

This rugged and chunky smartwatch is one of Casio’s product in which they try to gain back the repetition they had for many years. Casio’s timepieces were always known for being one of the toughest and most durable watches that can stand against all kinds of environments and activities, and the Pro Trek does all that and more.

This waterproof smartwatch is considered to be a niche device that will only be accepted by those who can’t live without going on an outdoor trip every once a while and get dirt all over their hands, and the Casio has all the information they need with a press of a button.

Some of that information you get from the Pro Trek is the activity tracking that comes from a built-in GPS, which means that you can now take on great outdoor trips without your phone.

When it comes to battery life then the Casio has some amazing features that help save battery life more than the 30 days period that Casio is promising you to get.

These features include a smart flicker between color and a monochrome mode for power saving, and that will happen automatically when the power gets to a low percentage.

This Multi-Timepiece mode will turn off the OLED screen and Wear OS and activate the monochrome LCD which then will only show time and some information through some sensors.

This next smartwatch is a highly functional one and more attractive to serious athletes. The Fenix 5 comes as a replacement for the younger brother, the Fenix 3, which itself was extremely powerful that Garmin had to add only a few changes.

Most of these changes were in the Size and the design of the smartwatch, and Fenix 5 also make better use of the Garmin Connect IQ store that has a wider range of sports Apps that makes the smartwatch a bit more personalized.

If you compare the battery size of both the Fenix 3 and 5, you will notice that the battery in the Fenix 5 has little bit shrunken. Fortunately, that didn’t affect the battery life that can last for up to 20 hours of fully GPS tracking.

When the GPS is off, Garmin claims that you will get 2 weeks of battery life from the Fenix 5 as a watch, and for a waterproof smartwatch with long battery life at this price point that’s absolutely promising.

The Ionic is the first smartwatch Fitbit have produced since they’ve started, and instantly it was a hit. Although Fitbit had their previous creation “the Blaze” which didn’t have as much success as the Ionic had, but have become along with other products the ultimate Fitbit for those who want advanced sports tracking.

The Ionic is created mainly for fitness and activity enthusiasts who want a companion and a coach in the gym or while running and swimming. As a waterproof smartwatch that has a long-lasting battery life which can be more than six days of limited usage, this is one of it’s best features and it beats a lot competitor for this smartwatch.

But be aware, if you’re going to be working a lot on this timepiece, then you should expect a much lower number than that. Still, that’s much better than most waterproof smartwatches who lasts for a lot less than that.


waterproof smartwatch with long battery life

There are a few things that you can do to increase the battery life in your waterproof smartwatch. To maximize battery life, you can:

Turn off Notifications: Block all unnecessary notifications from apps that you rarely use, or even delete them. Every time you get a notification sound or vibration, your screen light up and that drains the smartwatch battery very quickly. Blocking or managing those notifications will eventually result in having more storage space and boost your battery life.

Lower the brightness level: This option almost entirely dependent on the environment that you’re in, but adjusting your brightness level is the easiest option. Finding that sweet spot of brightness level will give you a noticeable change in battery life and ensure that you’ll get the maximum amount of performance. Not only that, but adjusting the brightness on the smartwatch screen will protect your eyes as well as save more battery.

Switch off Wi-Fi syncing: Most waterproof smartwatches have Wi-Fi and NFC installed in them, and by limiting the connectivity between your smartwatch and a network you can extend your battery life dramatically. By doing this, all your notifications will be received on your smartphone without having to be on the smartwatch screen by a Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. That will limit the number of times the battery overheat or discharged.

Less usage of the smartwatch: No one likes to be told to use their smartwatch less than the’re used to, especially if you love chatting with your friends and family. But the reality is that if the adjustments you did on the settings didn’t work, then your heavy usage must be the real reason for the fast battery draining.

To conclude

Having a smartwatch with long battery life is definitely beneficial especially in your day to day life. And depending on the environment and situations that you’ll go through, your battery life results will vary a lot. So, by choosing to go with one of those waterproof smartwatches and by following the tips included, you will never face any problems with battery life ever again.

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