Which RED Paddle Board Should You Buy

If you’re a little bit knowledgeable in the paddle board world, then you probably know that Red paddle Co makes some of the best inflatable paddle boards, if not even the best. Their lineup of paddle boards has increased since it’s started in 2008 with only a few paddle boards.

Today, Red Co is leading the industry with more than 25 different types of inflatable paddle boards. It’s also well known that the company has the best in cutting-edge design and technology production of paddle boards, as well as performance, quality, and durability.

Here’s a guide for some of the most popular inflatable paddle boards that RED has, to help figure out which RED paddle board is best for you.

Our first RED paddle is probably the most popular inflatable paddle board at the moment. The Red Co 10’6 Ride had many versions since its first launched a few years ago, but the 2018 version beat them all. This new model had a lot of improvements when it comes to the design and the flexibility of the board. Alongside the 10’6 Ride version, RED has also launched the 10’6 Special Edition.

This remarkable board has been created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of RED Paddle Co. The only difference between these two paddle boards is the color, otherwise, both boards have the same specifications and they come with the same equipment. The Ride measures 10’6 in length, 32” in width, and 4.7 in thickness. It weighs around 22 pounds and it’s capable of supporting 220 pounds of body weight and gear. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the most popular inflatable paddle boards in the world, and the reason being is adaptability the board has.

This board is multipurpose, and the all-around design that it has is perfect for very anything ranging from flatwater paddling to other sports. When getting on the board, you will notice that the 4.7” of thickness makes the board less stable than its most competitors. But with time, you will get used to this agility and lightweight to get the pay off in performance and speed.

This next RED paddle board has received many awards for its remarkable performance and design and got the Gear of the Year award in 2017. The newer version of the RED Paddle Co sport was created to be placed between two categories of RED paddle boards. The first category is the smaller Ride that is less than 10’6”, and the other one is the larger board, 12’6” and longer.

The long shape of this board gives it the ability to be a lot faster and smoother than the smaller Rides. In addition, it’s much easier to inflate this paddleboard than the longer models. The dimensions of this paddle board are 11’3” long, 32” wide and 4.75” thick. This Ride paddle board had many improved details due it being a newer version that benefited from other paddle boards.

These improvements were in the maneuverability of the board and tracking. This paddle board also maintain the weight distribution to be even across the board even with multiple people. It turns as quickly and easily as there was only one person on board, and maintain toughness and durability against flexing.

The Voyager is a chunky paddle board by RED that originally named the explorer. At 12’6” long and 32” in width the Voygaris perfect for anyone who weighs more than 200 pounds or wants to carry more gear on board. This inflatable paddle board can hold a significant amount of weight that can be more than 330 lbs and still glide easily on water.

The stability of the Voyager paddle board makes it perfect for touring trips as well as exploration. With stability comes also comfort, as this SUP board is able to deliver a luxurious ride on board. The materials used to build the Voyager is the same technology RED have used for most of its paddle boards. This technology is the MSL fusion, and it basically makes the inflatable paddle board extremely strong and durable. Other paddle board brands have started using the same technology as it became a lot popular in recent years.

Furthermore, inflating the board never been easier as it only takes less than 5 minutes, and that’s due to the improvements on the air pump. The new version of this paddle board is a lot more strong and elegant than the previous versions, so make you sure pick up the new one.

To conclude

To be honest, the thing that might keep from getting one of RED’s products is the cost of the SUP board. But since you’re wondering which RED paddle board you should choose, this means that you care about the quality of your paddle board.

Since the cost of RED paddle board matches the quality in both manufacturing materials and process but also in accessories. Therefore, a paddle board from RED will pay off in dividend in the long run and it’ll make sense if you think of it in long term.